Vintage Cars

If you are looking for a car for a once in a lifetime event like your marriage or your granddad’s 50th marriage anniversary and do not want to leave any stone upturned for that royal touch of grandeur, look no further! Unbeatable in style, grandeur and with royal lineages to boast of, these vintage vehicles spell class with a capital “C.” From the 95-year-young Rolls Royce to the 1930s Chevrolet owned by the Maharaja of Bikaner till a 1929 Dodge Brothers convertible – our range is sure to spoil you for choice!

Vintage cars have their own unique beauty and charm. Hiring a vintage car for your special day will invoke respect and memories to last a lifetime. Our vintage cars are some of the best across the globe today. They belong to royalty and have been maintained to give your event the special touch it deserves. Arrive in grandeur or treat your loved ones to rides in them. The experience of traveling in these amazing vintage cars is unique- do not miss out on the opportunity!

Call us today to add vintage charm to your occasion. The collections of timeless beauties we have with us are unique. Drop in and take your pick today. These vintage cars are waiting to grace your event and steal the limelight. Even your guests will fall in love with them at first sight. They are royal, grand and rich in heritage and culture. Your special day is surely incomplete without them. Why wait, contact us now and pick your vintage beauty to gain accolades and respect on your special day all the way!