Ten Unexplored Places of Delhi

Ten Unexplored Places Delhi
Delhi is the city of the lavish and the Royals. It has lived the reign of some of the most prominent and powerful rulers. The city of Delhi owes its rich history to such emperors. Mystical ruins of ancient structures, well planned geometrical gardens, untamed forests, enigmatic mosques, traditional craftsmen, are just a few attractions the capital of India has to offer. Paharganj and Connaught Place are some of the popular hangout spots in Delhi, but there is a whole list of places for people who like to explore the extraordinary. If you like the adrenaline-rush brought into your body by the smell of new places, then continue reading this list of ten unexplored places of Delhi. Delhi War Cemetery

The Delhi War Cemetery is located 1km from the BASE hospital. It’s easily accessible by the ring road heading towards Nairana. The nearest railway station is Shadipur. It is the home of many martyrs from all across the world who died in the Second World War. The cemetery has the perfect perspective architecture. You can get some lovely photographs against the landscape of the cemetery. If you plan a visit here go anytime between 7:45 to 5:00 pm on weekdays.

Sanjay Van

Thriving on an area of 738 acres Sanjay Van is one of the supposedly haunted forests in Delhi. It is located in the South-West near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli. The dense forest is the home to many birds and animals that are harmless mostly except for the Golden Jackal. It is open all the time. You can literally walk there in the middle of the night if you dare. If you live in South Delhi, it is easily accessible. But the best time to experience this is early morning at 6 AM.

Jahanpanh City Forest
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Another of the forest reserves of the city Jahanpanh forest is located in South Delhi and has multiple access points. It is spread over an area of about 438 acres. Apart from being called the green lungs, the forest is also a famous destination for those who like to work out in the open.

Dolls Museum
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The Dolls Museum was set up by a political cartoonist in 1965. It has dolls from different countries and cultures. Some of the strangest and gorgeous dolls inhabit this museum.


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