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Wedding Car on Rent | Luxury Wedding Car Rent in Chandigarh

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We use all our experience — and the experiences of millions of our customers — to bring you the car you need and the quality of service you want. Always at the best price.

In simple terms, because we bring you unbeatable value and peace of mind throughout your rental car journey.

Whether it is arriving at your wedding or riding off with your life partner into the first sunset, the wedding wheels are important. Is your style is classic, opulent, or luxurious? We will find you the perfect wedding cab from our wide collection.

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Khalsa Taxi Wedding Cabs

wedding car hire price list | Wedding transportation tariffs in Chandigarh
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For Inquiry

    Luxury Cars

    Luxury Wedding Car Price List - 92 16 16 OO3O

    Type of CarPassengers (Seater)Wedding Prices
    (80 K.M.)
    ( C Class)
    ( E Class)

    4 + Driver
    4 + Driver

    INR 13000
    INR 16000
    (A 4)
    (A 6)

    4 + Driver
    4 + Driver

    INR 12000
    INR 15000
    (3 Series)
    (5 Series)

    4 + Driver
    4 + Driver

    INR 13000
    INR 16000
    Jaguar XJL
    Jaguar XF
    4 + Driver
    4 + Driver
    INR 27000
    INR 21000
    Honda City
    4 + Driver
    4 + Driver
    INR 7000
    INR 8000

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